The complex issues that are unique to managing a private foundation, and the need to maintain a well-regarded reputation, require the accounting and advisory services of an expert professional accounting firm. The extent of Lutz and Carr’s experience in providing services to our many private foundation clients has resulted in our developing an uncommon proficiency with the issues they face.

Our clients include both nonoperating foundations and operating foundations, ranging from very small foundations to large foundations with significant assets and alternative investments. Our expertise can help ensure that a grantmaking foundation has adequately planned for satisfying its minimum distribution requirements, or that an operating foundation is conducting its programs to ensure it satisfies the relevant requirements for maintaining its status.

In addition to performing financial statement audits and preparing annual tax returns for our foundation clients, we provide consulting services on a wide variety of issues specific to private foundations. Whether you are an individual contemplating the formation of a private foundation, or an existing foundation that is exploring the possibility of conversion to public charity status, Lutz and Carr will assist you in making the most informed professional decisions.