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Chandradath (Chan) Ramotar

Audit Manager

Chan Ramotar guides not-for-profit arts, entertainment, and cultural organizations, foundations, and other entities through tax, audit, and review complexities delivering clients peace of mind with knowledgeable, reliable counsel on accounting issues and best practices.

Not-for-profit museums, performance spaces, leading dance companies, renowned libraries, and private foundations appreciate Chan’s approachable, affable style and year-round accessibility to answer any questions or handle matters that arise. Providing solution-focused strategies and savvy financial assessments, he resolves myriad accounting, audit, and review issues and is extremely well-versed in all aspects of U.S. GAAP, and not-for-profit filings required by federal and state agencies. In addition, Chan works closely with clients to ensure adequate planning and financial compliance are in place in their organizations. This includes counseling on future projections of public support percentages, new market tax credit transactions, minimum distribution requirements, program structure, investment issues, and donor-restricted funding, among many other areas.

Chan is an integral part of the team that trains and onboards new hires at the firm. Before joining Lutz and Carr, Chan worked as an accountant for a small business and in the tax department of a large utility. That experience gave him exceptional proficiency and invaluable day-to-day insights into how small and large organizations run and the challenges they face—a skillset that benefits his clients today.

Representative Experience

  • Helped a not-for-profit publishing company understand particular endowment and direct mail schedules when transitioning to a new controller.
  • Trained an arts foundation’s director of finance to prepare investment reconciliations when the foundation started investing in stocks and bonds.
  • Advised an esteemed museum and research library’s Controller on accounting for partnership K1s and other alternative investment issues.
  • Guided a not-for-profit “think tank” during its implementation of the revenue recognition ASU and in understanding donor-restricted funding.
  • Helped a financial empowerment fund understand the make-up of its public support and what it takes to maintain its public charity status.